Foodphoto & Foodbag

A creative partnership from the ground up

At Foodphoto, we work with a wide range of companies and agencies related to the food industry and many of our collaborations also embrace startups, taking their first steps with food content, food photography and video content.

Foodphoto & Foodbag partnership

Cooking at home has always given us the added value of knowing what goes from the local suppliers, to our pots and pans, to our bellies. It is that knowledge that empowers us and helps us eat more consciously weary of our overall consumption.

In today's modern world however, we have grown accustomed to a faster paced life, the balance of work vs. life vs. family vs. social interactions. We are constantly putting leverage on our different priorities and taking the time to go to the market, picking fresh seasonal products and looking up recipes to make at home is something we actually need to make time for.

The realization that there could be a solution to combine convenience with conscious home cooking was the seed that later on would develop into the Foodbag business.

When approached by Stephane Ronse from Foodbag 5 years back, who was at the time getting started with this concept and the company, we became very excited to help and collaborate with a business we saw great potential in.

Visual style

Together with Foodbag, the Foodphoto team continues to develop a visual style to go with all Foodbag dishes and concepts from the ground up. This consists on creating a specific style for each meal dish: 'Original' 'Quick and Easy' 'Veggie' 'Sana' and most recently, 'Canteen by Foodbag'

Each dish range is thought for different users in their kitchen and therefore, the photography and styling embed a specific approach to the photo composition, the material and design of the cuttlery, the plating and dishes where the food is carefully composed and the backgrounds chosen for each setting.

Getting creative with trends

Food trends as well as visual and photography trends evolve over time and so does our approach when creating not just for Foodbag but for each client collaboration.

With Foodbag, Foodphoto keeps in mind the need for the dish ranges to be recognizable for what they are, for the ingredients to be visible, for the taste appeal to come across as something natural together with a fresh approach to daylight thinking.

The challenge becomes clear when updating imaging to food trends and what they speak about their users: Foodbag attracts consumers who love high quality seasonal ingredients, keep conscious about food consumption, good taste and a well balanced diet.

As food content creators we take it upon ourselves to let consumers feel these values through the food photography.

Thinking long term

As trends come and go, pictures become outdated very quickly as well as online content publication and for us, this journey is an exciting one to think deeper with Foodbag: Form our photography and styling perspective, we implement our updated creative input with lighting, composition, narrative and styling elements.

Through our food photography, we continue to create and share original recipes together with Foodbag, that hopefully inspire others to get back to their kitchen and enjoy the authenticity of home-made dishes.

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Foodphoto & Foodbag

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