OMG! Van Eyck was at Foodphoto!

Sharing the optical revolution through taste:

It is often said that Van Eyck's eye for detail inspired a feeling of rawness and realism like no other painter in his time and for centuries to come. Today, influenced by the painter's incentive and Medieval setting, the Foodphoto team realised a series of recipe photography along with Olly Ceulenaere (Chef of Publiek Ghent)

The backstory

Olly, while in search of contemporary recipes that make use of historical components; helped us translate medieval eating culture with present-day eating. The secret lays in the seasonal use of ancient ingredients in current Flemish dishes: The waterzooi met bijvangst, The schelpen stoofpot met verjus en peterselie, Rijstpap met amandelmelk or your classic Appel en perenmoes to name a few.

The creative process

Challenged by this proposal, photographer Lisa Valcke along with stylists Mieke Goffin and Suzan Teirlinck took the chance of interpreting #foodphotography through the eyes painting realism.

The styling team integrated the dishes colors to blend with the pastel soothing tones of still life painting. In photography, the edgy perspective and use of lines within the frame brought dynamism to the overall composition; ultimately inspired by Van Eyck's atmosphere. With these elements in play, the team embedded Foodphoto's core strenghts of taste appeal and food styling to create something brand new.

Food photography in print

In collaboration with Smakeleyck! and #cultuurgent publications, Olly's recipes can now be found paired with Foodphoto's recipe photography on a step by step guide for those willing to bring Van Eyck and burgundian flemish tradition to their kitchens.

Truly inspired by this chance offered by @stad gent, @cultuurgent and with the collaboration of Olly Ceulenaere @Publiek, we are delighted to share some of our work influenced by Van Eyck's work and the 15th century Flemish culinary heritage.

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OMG! Van Eyck was at Foodphoto!